A Life of Purpose: Myles Munroe


It was an unpleasant awakening to me when a friend first broke the news of the demise of Dr. Myles Munroe, president and founder of The Bahamas Faith Ministries International and Myles Munroe International, alongside his wife Ruth, senior vice president and pastor, Richard Pinder, and seven others in the ill-fated private jet that crashed after hitting a crane at a shipyard near Grand Bahama International Airport. A paroxysm of grief engulfed me when I found out that Dr. Myles Munroe and others in the private jet were journeying to the international leadership conference he was hosting the next day. It was a fortuitous end to the life of a great man who had impacted the world in his own way and like one of my writer friends Maurice puts it on his Facebook page, “Myles Munroe went home the only way he knew how—SOARING.”

The first thing that attracted me to Dr. Myles Munroe many years back was how prolific he was at publishing books. Whenever I visit the book stores, my eyes grow with deep admiration for this man and how he has commanded space for his bestselling titles in the much coveted shelves of book stores! As a fledgling author of one book, needless to say that I know how challenging it is to publish a book and I look forward to a time when my titles too would command reverence at book stores all over the world, without me introducing myself as an author each time I go into bookstores to get my royalties!

Beyond my predilection to become a prolific and bestselling author, I later came to appreciate the man Myles Munroe when he came to Nigeria for the Redeemed Christian Church of God EXCEL programme a few years back. At that event, he talked about change. I listened with rapt attention as he not only dazzled the audience with his uncommon perspectives, but he palpably inspired many and had them literally jumping up in exhilaration in hope that they have caught something precious to make their lives better. I would later be privileged to work on transcribing two of his messages in that programme for a magazine work which made me gain a deeper insight into the man’s leadership teachings and my respect for him was consolidated.

Myles Munroe story is one he often told in his speaking engagements. Since his youth, he has led a life of purpose. He became a Christian in his teenage years and was able to lead several youths to Christ in his homeland, Bahamas. Even as a youngster, he was so influential that the prime minister of the Bahamas then invited him to the state house to unravel what made him tick. The impressive thing about Myles Munroe, who obtained his degree in fine arts, education and Theology from Oral Roberts University and a Master’s degree in administration from the University of Tulsa, is that he found his purpose early in life and kept at it— developing leaders in the Bahamas, Africa, and indeed, the world over with his leadership teachings. Before his death last Sunday, November 9, 2014, he was a sought-after speaker all over the world, getting numerous invitations to come and speak and has authored and co-authored hundreds of books. He won several awards including The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE), Silver Jubilee Award for service to the Bahamas. Oral Roberts University also named Munroe as “Alumnus of the year” in 2004.

Indeed, Myles Munroe and Lady Ruth’s death is a blow to the world, especially when you consider the suddenness of the tragedy that claimed their lives, but they have lived a life of purpose. Their voices will continue to speak through YouTube, ITunes and other numerous channels where we can get their recorded messages. We will also hear Myles speak to us through the numerous books he had written.

From the little Island of Bahamas, Myles Munroe impacted the world, like his mentor Jesus Christ did from the small town of Bethlehem, and left his mark on the sands of time. It is a challenge for those of us who are still alive to continue to make every moment we have count so that we can also fulfill the purpose of our existence in the first place. And just like the late Myles Munroe was quoted to have said, “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.”

O.P. Philips is a freelance writer/entrepreneur. He is the author of The “OBAMA” in You! His new book, “What Football Teaches About Life” will be released soon.